Sunday, February 28, 2010

Garden gets Bombarded with Snow...

Snow, snow and more snow. I have to say I am ready for spring. We got almost 3 feet of snow this past week- it was really very beautiful and inconvenient at the same time. We lost power- and internet and television. There was no school for 2 days. We are lucky enough to have a generator and a wood stove- but 100,000 peoples power were effected by the storm. There was so much snow in the dogs pen that they were jumping over the gate and swimming in the snow
That gate is 4 feet high! Rose did get to spend some time with her favorite puppies out in the snow.

Puppies 7 weeks

Well its hard to believe after this week we will have to say goodbye to our puppies. They are so big and gorgeous and so happy. Its hard for me to say goodbye because I do love them all so much- but of course I have my regular life to get back to that usually gets put on hold when I have a litter. I can tell my friends I can come out to play again and Rose and my own dogs will get the attention they deserve. They don't mind it a few times a year- but that is why we will never have too many litters a year. It is always enjoyable and each of the puppies is always special. They will always have a name to us and we will keep in touch with them and their family as they grow.
Here are the last set of pictures......

chow time...



strike a pose...


wait til you see what I can do to leather....

sleeping in color order...

This weeks video... they are getting to big for 16 square feet....
Enjoy !!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Puppies Go to School

Rose's kindergarten class has an opportunity for parents and friend's to come in on a Monday and read a book to the class. It is called Mystery Reader Monday. I had already planned many weeks ago to come in with a few puppies and read and funny enough Rose had inquired about when I was going to come since everyone else's mom came in. I kept telling her that I had to "make an appointment". More spectacular than the look on the little children's face when they came in to a room with 4 puppies in it- was my daughter's who was so happy that I could be there to read. I read one of my favorite books "Too Many Puppies:" By Patience Brewster. Amazon describes the book : Delighted when her dog Milly has seven puppies, a little girl wants to keep them all, until she sadly realizes that so many puppies require much more work than she can accomplish. Its funny because I know Rose feels the same way as the main character, Milly in the book and was happy to share with her class. We brought to school 1 puppy of each color, 2 boys and 2 girls: Xanthium, Yasmin, Woody and Ulex. All those puppies got some extra socialization, lots of oooohs and ahhhs, and were greeted by the wonderment of the kids. They all thanked me before they left (including the principal), said goodbye to all the puppies and Rose gave me a big hug before she went back to class. It was a good day....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puppies 6 Weeks

Oh My!!!
It was so funny making the video this week- because you will tell by the haphazard footage what has been going on. Puppies are running rampant and causing chaos! I almost got the camera knocked out of my hands 10 times. We get them out to run and explore and even if they have already pottied- they find it necessary to go again in their new world- MY kitchen. Running, playing and having fun is what their day is all about (besides sleeping, eating and pooping). As soon as I clean up a mess they just make some more. Funny how people ask about Rose and how she will miss the puppies. She really does miss them- but its hard for her to handle them all at once as you can see in the video at this age. She is always getting pulled and chomped on. She does love them though. We took a big tube in for piping that we had outside (I would have loved to rinse it off- but my hoses are off) and they had a BLAST!! The puppies will be 8 weeks next Monday. Boy did that go fast>>>>! Each one has their own little personality- one more sweet than the next. I am sure everyone will be soo happy.
Headshots from this week....such beautiful eyes. One of the very reasons the cocker is my breed.


Baby blankets and toys soaking in the smell of their first home to go home with the puppies..



Monday, February 15, 2010

Puppies 5 Weeks

This week went by quickly as the rest of the final weeks will. The puppies are developing their personalities and getting ready to leave the nest. They are eating their food-and Daphne stops in to check them out but I separate her more and more. On Saturday we met many of the families that will be taking the puppies home for PUPPY DAY. I am grateful that each and everyone of the puppies will be spoiled and well taken care of in their new home. They all got baths before the visit and little haircuts. They are all big puppies now. I am really enjoying watching them have fun- although now they make BIG BIG puppy messes. LOL
Some nice pictures from the week:

Toni Ann and family are taking home Ulex

Ann and Guy with Yasmin

Zinnia looking cute (and tough)

Xanthium (Angel) looking ...well...Angelic!

Tulip looking for Morgan!

Snowdrop (Lacey) looking proud to be and AMERICAN cocker spaniel


Valerian looking for a Belly Rub

Kate and Troy with their pretty girl Zinnia aka Sable

Megan and Chris with their new boy Woody aka Rory

Monica and Family with Xanthium aka Angel and family

This video from this week can be seen here:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Delilah

I wanted to take this time to wish my girl Delilah a very happy birthday. She turned 2 on the 2nd and has blossomed into a very pretty girl. She went for her OFA testing and my vet said everything looked good. We look forward to breeding her this year and are very confident her puppies will be so cute and cuddly.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Puppies 1 Month Old

their first feast! They all love their new food.

Rose giving some puppy lovin'!

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies! they are getting so big and beautiful. They are now eating their big puppy food just watered down a little bit. They all love it and their little bodies have transitioned very well. We are feeding them Holistic Select Puppy which the main protein is Anchovies, Sardines and Chicken. First I was not really into the anchovies part- but I thought I would try it because I have been feeding Holistic Select to my cats always and they love it and thrive on it and the past few times feeding Canidae to the puppies I had to really crush it down because the kibbles are so big- so I decided to change and try it out- so far I am impressed. Sometimes it takes them a little while to transition- but everyone seems to be doing well. They play and bark and make a BIG mess now that they eat their food. They step in their bowl and jump on each other- I am happy Daphne is such a good mom- she always cleans them up so well...This week I was pressed for some time- so I took some nice candids- that are easier to take now that they do not want to stand still... Next week I will try to give their haircuts. They are very fluffy now and I can just hear my handler Kathy saying "when she gonna cut their hair??"LOL!

puppy kisses

The link to the video is here:

I would also like to note that we added a new page to the website for some staple items you might need with your new puppy. I do not stock these items but can order them for you before you pick up your puppy. Please let me know and if you have questions- call me!