Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Snow Hits the Garden

The dogs were so excited to go play in the snow. A picture of my HEART dog...first one to steal my heart.

Happy Holidays 2009

check back for updates- we will add them as they come in!
Furgi(Erica) sittin pretty with her best pals...

marlee(Iris) with her new BFF celebrate!

Abbey(Ginger) and Herbie (Herb) get ready to help santa with his sleigh!
Ginger (Azalea) sitting Sweet & Spice for Santa

Molly (Mumzy) waiting for Santa by her tree:)

Maggie (Petunia) waiting patiently for her photo to be shot...(LOL!)

Lila (Marjoram) with angelic eyes....

cookie (lilly) sittin' pretty!

Rocco (quince) striking a holiday pose!

betty boop (chamomile) sporting her new sweater!