Saturday, April 30, 2011

Violet & Vincent 1 month old

Oh My Goodness- the puppies are getting so big and cuddly. They wrestle with each other, are eating mish mash food, play with their toys- are wiggly for haircuts, tell me how they feel with growls and barks. They are just very active now. Violet is looking to escape any way she can and them comes looking for them a few hours later. I think they are certainly overwhelming to her now that they have BIG SHARP TEETH....LOL But for a first time mom- she was good. She does love to play with them- but you can see she gets nervous when they are really hungry...LOL! They are like little scavengers. I am very happy with every one of them and it will make my job very difficult to pick one to keep in a few weeks. I am anxious for the weather to get a little warmer so they can go outside and play.
You can watch their video here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

3 Weeks Violet and Vincent Puppies

WOW- THis week went by super fast and the puppies are really growing and now they started playing and mouthing each other and really starting to get SUPER CUTE> WE are hopeful the we will keep one for ourselves- but which one will we choose??? I don't even know which one yet as they are all so special. Enjoy!

Link to their video here

Monday, April 18, 2011

Violet & Vincent 2 Weeks Old

I can not believe these puppies started walking around before their eyes even opened. THis week I was able to speak personally to all the people waiting to get one. All very lovely families indeed and everyone is just as excited as me. I am so lucky for them to have contracted me. Everyone is growing like a weed and so is their hair- they got their first face trim. SOme even told me how they felt about by grunting and giving me a hard time..LOL! Unimaginable at 2 weeks old!!! THey spend most their day snuggling all together and very content. I can not wait to see how they will grow in the next few weeks.

Link to their video here.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Vince & Violet 1 week old...

Wow- I can't believe a week has already passed. Most of the puppies have doubled in size and are doing very well. Violet took a little while to take on her role as mother but she is doing great now. The only thing she refuses to do is clean their rears- but I think somewhere down the line she heard that champions don't do that....other than that she is very loving and attentive to them. Each of the puppies is filling out and I love each and everyone more and more. They are sooo nice. I truly am in love with each and everyone of them. It has been a little while since a litter of this size and I have to say 6 is the perfect number. I have had litters of 1 and 9 and can tell you six is totally the best! They are very happy puppies...

Link to their video here.