Friday, January 30, 2009

Newborn Video

Not the greatest.
I will try better next time...Posted by Picasa

More Flowers for the Garden

I did not go to work yesterday bc Jim said I couldn't.He said it was way too icy. So ....I stayed home. I do have the luxury of making my own hours and being able to work from home- so that's OK. All day Daphne kept looking at me and would not leave my side. I told her I was expecting puppies on Saturday- but if she really wanted to I would would be home today and she could have them if she felt ready..LOL - Yes I do talk to my dogs...ALOT. I took her temperature and it was 99- but I did not think too much of it. The day went by and I kept her in the Puppy Pavillion. I am going to write a seperatate entry on the Puppy Pavillion because it is entitled to one.. I ran around the house doing my things so this way when it came time- I would have had a least a few things done and I could not worry about them later. Rose was home with me and was ready to assist when the time came. I was a little anxious that no one would be helping me this time- but I figured that most dogs do it themselves- so how bad could it be, I think I just get a little anxious being home alone if something goes wrong- then I have to lug the dog, the puppies and a 4 year old to emergency room in freezing temperatures..that gets me a little nervous just writing it...
Here are somepictures Rose drew before we started. Can you tell what she has artistically interpretted..LOL! Remember she is only 4...
At around 7 PM Daphne started shivering. I put her in the box and combed her hair- she loves when you comb her. I took a fast look over to make sure I had everything I needed. Hemostats, rags, newspaper, towels, water, heater was going full blast...85 degrees in the room...OK we were ready... I sat down and started getting my paper and notes ready when Daphne got up she delivered her first puppy. WOW i thought..I am so glad I stayed home today. She was like an old pro and much less anxoius than last time which I remember distincltly she would deliver a puppy, turn around, look at it and bark as if her poo was moving...anyway- this time she seemed more relaxed and settled in.
It was It was a boy! and a sable to boot. We would name him Jasper. He was such a nice size weighing in a 10 ounces. It started to sink in that this was really happening and I was anxious- but felt confidant that Daphne and I could pull it off together. She is a dog that lives for a human touch and just petting her and stroking her back seemed to really relax her.

Daphne did her thing and we sat and sat and sat for about 1.5 hours before she started shake again and then KALEY was born. A beautiful jet black and tan girl with a white chin. She reminded me of Herbie from the last litter and she was a nice size too. Her nose was not filled in- but that will happen in time..Theres no such thing as a pink nosed black cocker..LOL

We waited and waited some more and next came a beautiful Sable parti LILLY- perfectly marked. She would have a nice mask- and a zillion people who wanted to take her home. If I really wanted to keep a puppy from this litter- she would be it. And she was a perfect size.

Marjoram aka "MARJE" was born next. A nice solid sable girl with a unique white patch on her muzzle that would be adorble when she gets bigger. Very unique.

We were on a roll and our next puppy was born. This one was different. He was noticably smaller and he did not have the same feel of the other puppies. He was limp. I rubbed and rubbed him trying to circulate some life. He would not take his first breath. I was devastated. I had planned with the expectation of 9 puppies last time that there would have been some puppies that did not make it. But had not really given it too much though bc it was so uneventful last time. I was sad- but he was small- and it was yet another thing I had not control over. God had a plan for little Nettle- and even though I was sad- I know it was for a reason.

Olive arrived next. She was a pretty black and tan girl with a little heart shape on her chest. That is how I can tell her and Kaley apart- by the amount of white on their neck. I knew their were 2 left and Daphne was relaxing which was fine- but once it hit the 2.5 hour mark I started to worry. I walked her and talked her and did everything I knew how to do. She had been nursing her new arrivals so that was the biggest help. Should I call the vet?>?? OK - I'll call.

As I was on the phone with them Petunia was born. I laughed as I hung up with them. Daphne likes to torment me sometimes. And she knows just what to do to get me flustered. Anyway Petunia surprised me. She looked too dark to be a sable parti. As I examined her closely I was sure she was a black and white tri. Tri because I could see some tan on her cheeks. That was a new color. We never had that one before. Her markings were nice as well and I was pleased.

I decided that after 7 hours I would take a bathroom break. I was gone no more than 5 minutes and when I came back there was another addition. Another black and white tri. This time a boy. He has such nice even markings. Demspey's champion daddy is a black and white tri- so it was not unbelievable. And he has a really cool lightening bolt marking that runs from one leg to the next. I was very very pleased with Quince.
Here is a good comparison between sable and black...

Rose was there for parts of the delivery touching everything she was not suppose to- but if it was not for her I would probably would have been much more anxious than that .
She distracted me in so many ways and everything went mostly great. I felt like I had one of those good mothering moments where I could teach my child about life and death all in the matter of 8 hours. She was nonchalant as most 4 year olds are about intense issues and I was happy she was there with me. She of course was upstairs alot of the time watching TV and yelling down occasionally. "Did she have another one yet??" When the process came to a close and I did make my way upstairs I did notice chocolate cake crumbs all over my couch and an empty box on the floor and a chocolate lipped little girl sleeping in my bed..LOL!

It was a long night for us all....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Over the Fields We Go- Laughing All the Way!!

Can you guess what this is?

It is Demspey and I sleigh riding down a hill. It was so funny to watch his face. It's been a while since I actually had the chance to sleigh ride and he was so excited to be playing in the snow I grabbed him and we went down together. He did not even try to escape which made me laugh as we got to the bottem.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It Only Takes a Moment....

Sometimes even when we try our hardest to prevent nature to take it's course-it defies us. We have little control and somehow I believe that somewhere above someone is laughing at me- because they know how irritated I can get when I don't have control. Mind you I a not a control freak...(hmmm, OK maybe I am a little) Despite my efforts of trying to contain Dempsey during Daphne's heat, he escaped and for the 1 second that they were together- decided that even though I had planned different arrangements- they were to evolve the world yet again. It was my intention to breed Daphne again in summer 09 when she had a rest and summer would be best. Of course it was not the worst think in the world to happen- but just not my plan. And I do not like to call things "accidents" because honestly- God has his own plan when it comes to life and everything happens for a reason. And even though I can put the blame on another- in the end my dogs are my responsibility. Why am I actually telling you this? Because I really care for my dogs and want the best for them and would hope that you would continue to know that.

I am in fact better prepared for the next heat cycles that we want to skip. We now have a 10 x 10 enclosure that can very comfortably separate whomever needs to be separated. It is in the basement that is radiant heated and is decorated with pictures and a rug, a radio, toys, bones and all the amenities of their home away from home. Much better than a training crate in my opinion. And much more reliable than past attempts.

After Daphne's belly began to get bigger- I accepted the fact the puppies would be arriving in earlt February and the good thing would be that they could go hope early spring. I contacted the waiting list and many were still interested. It made me feel even better knowing that there were loving families waiting in the wings. Then I prayed that her litter would be small. I know from other's experience that a skipped heat breeding usually leads to a small litter of 2 or 3 or even sometimes 1. That would have been fine with me- just for Daphne. But as her belly got bigger and bigger I started having my doubts that she was carrying just 1. The day came for the X-Ray and I was reassured by Dr. Spaccarelli that Daphne was a healthy dog and she had no complications last time and she would be fine. Then he proceeded to tell me that Daphne had 11 puppies insider her. My heart sank to the floor and I could feel myself getting woozy. Then he said...GOTCHA! Can you imagine my face. Then he said, "there are actually 8". Well 8 was better than 9- but still many more than I was anticipating. It was time to get ready...

Ironically during that week I got several e-mails from people interested in a puppy. It was so weird how I never mentioned to anyone about the puppies- but now I had 11 people on the waiting list. What were the chanced that everyone would find one to call their own?

We could only wait and see.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Natural Treats to Help Dogs
this is a link I found while searching for bully sticks on ebay. The proceeds are 100% used for a dog rescue. The people were friendly and sent me some samples and it was good to know my donation will benefit a good cause. I am sure my dogs would agree.

Classic Cocker

Just love this pic....Delilah will be a year old on 2/2/09 and is still my cute little puppy. I think she will be staying on the petite side- which is fine by me. She loves to sit on your lap- which makes it more comfy for us both...LOL!

Snow, snow and more snow

The dogs have been enjoying the snow as much as they can. It is very cold these days here in COLD spring. Hope everyone is staying warm:) Just wanted to catch up with a few snow pics.
delilah- our snow princess
dempsey making his tracks

daphne - getting brain freeze