Friday, June 25, 2010

Obedience class with Rose

While attending Obedience Class with Sassy - Rose went around the course with Kerry Blue Terrier, Belle (the instructor Carol's dog) to show Sassy how it was done. Rose caught on very quickly and here is a glimpse of what an obedient dog should look like. Sassy has some more years of training to learn..LOL! Rose did rather well for not really knowing how to read fluently at the age of 5.
See the video Here:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Puppies Go Home

It's that time again to say goodbye to our babies. As always they all touched our hearts at Moondrop Gardens and not one will be forgotten. They were so wonderfully tempered and were really really beautiful. I enjoyed my time with them all so much. I know each puppy will have a wonderful family to spoil them and I am glad that I met them all.
last pic together

Delilah's Fly Boys

Dragonfly now Brady will be loved by Megan and John from Albany.

Firefly aka Duffy will be spoiled by Hank and Rolene.

Lala's Forest Friends

Buck aka Demspey will be treasured by Gloria and Phil of Beacon, NY.

Bunny, now Lilly Mae will be cuddled by the Smith's from Virginia.

Bobcat, now Ripley will be cherished by the Smith's from Connecticut

Monday, June 7, 2010

Puppies 7 weeks old!

Oh My- this week the puppies got a chance to go the the Moondrop Gardens Park and went crazy. They could not run fast enough for their feet - they kept fumbling all over themselves. They got to play with all the other dogs and they loved it. They had so much space to romp they did not know where to go first or what to rip out of the ground and chew on. Last week we had a trench in the ground bc we had to lay some pipe- so the park was ripped up a bit- hope it will be back to normal in a few weeks... This weekend some of our puppies will be going home. I can not believe it. This time HAS definitely gone by the fastest. Winter litters are always harder bc we can't go outside- but this spring litter was alot of fun!!! Perfect time to go home and get potty training- so there should be no excuses from this bunch!! This week they will be visiting the vet, getting their shots, getting a bath and being groomed for the last time.

This weeks Video can be found here! Try to watch in HD..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Puppies 6 weeks old

Where's Dragonfly?
Half brothers...Buck and Dragonfly
Lilly always looks serious---but totally is NOT!

Firefly's bedroom eyes...
Bobby striking a pose

WOW! The puppies are up and running around- so much change since last week. Some breeders allow puppies to go home now- but this is a crucial time for them to learn from their littermates how to play correctly and socialize themselves. They are eating their food dry and doing EXCELLENT on it.Wellness for Puppies in the yellow bag... Don't forget to purchase a bag before they come home. It is available at Petco. They lap water when they are thirsty and sure do like to play with all different kinds of toys. They enjoy going outside and romping around til they fall asleep on my front porch. The puppies sleep together now and have visits from their moms occasionally. It is time for them to be weaned from their moms and are doing well. Please enjoy the pictures. We are having lots of fun now- it will only be a few more weeks til they go home...
Challenge to get up the stair...

Memorial Day celebration...
Handsome boy Dragonfly
Peek - A - Boo
Pooped Partis.

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