A Little About Moondrop Gardens

My name is Jennifer and I am a stay at home mom to our daughter and all our animals, but also a freelance graphic designer. Before we lived in the county, Jim (the greatest hubby ever) and I lived in New York City in a small 2 bedroom apartment. It was very nice- but we certainly did  not have room for a dog. We barely had enough room for 2 cats and ourselves and when our daughter came along  we were overloaded with babystuff! So we packed up and moved to the country where we built our new home on 12 acres of a spacious country mountain (approximately 1 hour from NYC). Not only were we ecstatic about living in our new home and all the nature that surrounded us- but we were anxious to begin our search for our well bred cocker spaniel puppy (that I had been waiting for ever since I was a little girl). We had long awaited this day and had done our research far in advance - and even had names picked out.  After waiting for just the right litter we found our puppy. Dempsey stole our hearts and the heart of everyone he met in the street.  It was with that one dog I acquired an affection to this breed and knew cocker spaniels were something special.  As a puppy Demspey was quick to learn, adorable, loved to play and was everything I could have ever wished for. As time went on I knew I could not have just 1.  I started researching the breed more and our family slowly started to grow. Before I knew it we had 4.  I bred my first litter and was blessed with 9 puppies. I knew from that moment I had found my calling.   Well needless to say 9 puppies was more than allot of work- but I really enjoyed them, I enjoyed finding new homes for them and meeting new people and did not mind all the work involved.  One thing I learned from all the cocker families was that our beautiful breed was plagued with many health issues. They would tell me their sad stories of their beloved pets and how they passed.  It really opened my eyes to how important health testing was and how some ailments could be eradicated if we just took some tests.  No one can guarentee what the furure will bring when it comes to a life-  but it was my new mission to do everything I could be make sure I was going breed for a "happy, healthy, adorable cocker spaniel".  As some years passed I made some breeder friends and it was nice to share stories and really get some good advice- but it was not until I met Kathy Korab, my handler and friend who helped my obtain my first show dog and taught me a lot of what I really needed to know about our breed. She taught me about ethics and pedigrees and conformation.  I learned quickly that just becuase a dog has the initials Ch. in front if its name - does not mean its the best- or healthy or has a nice temperment for that matter.  She helped me set goals for myself and together she finished our first Champion, Violet aka "Ch. Scely's Mystic Breeze".

We have a come a long way in a short amount of time - although it seems like just yesterday I was potty training Demspey.  One thing has not changed though- our love for our dogs. No matter if they have a ribbon, or are king of the couch- they are well taken care of , are loved very much and each and everyone has a special place in our heart.

Some things you should know about us.  First and foremost - our dogs are part of our family and are kept in our home. We do not have a kennel and do not ever plan on having one because we are not a puppy making factory (not that everyone who owns a kennel is a puppy making factory- I just feel that I could not be able to give the attention I need to give to my dogs if I had 20 of them- But that is me personally). We take great pride in the fact that we all have so much space to romp, play and explore. All the dogs and puppies are up to date on shots and wormings and treated with topical flea and tick treatments and heartworm prevention during the appropriate months for the appropriate ages.  They are fed a blend of high premium holistic foods such as Holistic Select, Canidae and Wellness for Puppies. They all start off being crate trained which had worked very well  for us.  We  are very involved in the whelping, training, socialization and care of each and every one of our dogs and their puppies.  They are well socialized with our children (who range from ages 5-17) and our other animals.  Please see our socialization crew.  They are cared for like they would be staying here forever because you never know if one may.  We try our best to make sure that each of our puppies goes to a responsible home that will love and care for them their entire life. We feel responsible for bringing them into this world and would feel responsible if they were not placed with someone would care for them and spoil them as richly as we would for the REST OF THEIR LIFE. Please do not feel offended if we ask you questions about your living arrangement, vet, groomer or intentions for your new puppy. It is our way of screening the best available home for our puppies. If you would like to talk to some of our previous puppy parents- let us know. We have a nice list of references you can contact.

Families of our puppies become part of the Moondrop Gardens family. We have a google group to keep in touch, ask for advice and just share- and we also have a annual hot dog fest where everyone is invited back for a picnic with their dog. No-- I will not show up at your house unannounced for tea- and to check on your puppy-  but I will keep in touch with you and answer any and all question you may have about your puppy for as long as you need me to.

If you have any questions about our program prior, during or after receiving your puppy we would be happy to help you. Please contact us at any point with questions or just doggie talk.

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