Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Puppies 5 weeks old

Running, jumping, barking and growling (and yes some biting!)...Playing with toys and running to say hello when I show myself. All the puppies are up and away and learning more every day. I keep both litters together during this transition period while they eat breakfast and most of the day and still sleep with their mommas at night. By next week they will eat crunchy food instead of soft, spending less time with their moms and will be closer to going to their new homes. Everyone came to visit from far and near to visit their new puppy this past weekend. It was a pleasure to meet all the families and talk with them. I always am reassured that I made the right choice for them to take a puppy when I meet personally with them. Each and every family is ready to open their homes and hearts to their new addition.

Delilah's Fly boys.
Everyone was impressed with Dragonfly's size bc of course he has been the biggest for a while- but Firefly has learned to stick up for himself and the last few times I heard a cry - it was coming from poor Dragon- with his tan points he resembles a bully- but rest assured - he loves kisses and loves to be held- he is the most mature to date and loves to explore.
Firefly has found his wings and is jumping and playing with everything. He still cries for his mom sometimes when she is not around- but has come to accept me better and know I am bringing something good for him most of the time.

Megan and John got to meet their little boy, Dragonfly who will be renames BRADY

Rolene and Henry loved Firefly so much - they are still trying to decide on a name.

Delilah pretending to be a puppy...
Delilah is a wonderful mom.

Lala's Forest Friends
The 3 little musketeers are a few days younger then the Fly boys and take their time catching up. They are cute as can be and are developing their personalities.
Bunny- the only girl between the 2 litters holds her own very well, enjoys being loved by Rose (bc she is the only girl) and loves to give kisses. Bobby is having fun challenging Dragonfly because he can...LOL! He also is getting used to his kisses and likes to bark to get attention. I am falling in love with each of them- its always hard to think they will be going home in less than 3 short weeks (well - most of them)..LOL!
Bunny aka LILLY and her new family (Mary Jo, Emma and Abby) drove all the way from Virginia to meet her...
Bunny striking a serious pose...

Thank you Mary Jo for the tulips- we love them!

Bobby made his new family, the Smiths, fall instantly in love with him from the minute they met.

Gloria and Phil were happy to finally meet little Buck!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Puppies 1 Month Old

Delilah's Fly Boys:
Well it did not take long for the fly boys to figure out how to rough each other up once their new teeth started to come in. Just like baby boys I am constantly telling them to give it up! And boy do they miss their mama (just like real boys) when she takes a romp in the park with her friends. Delilah seems to be happy that they are old enough for her to start playing with. They have started to drink water and eat a little bit although some puppies are more excited about their food than others. They just got their new haircuts and are getting ready for their families to come and visit them for the first time next weekend. It is a joy to see them starting to play. Dragonfly is the bully to date and Firefly whines for his mamma when she is not around the loudest...LOL

Lala Forest Friends
These puppies are starting to really getting active. It's so much fun to watch them wrestle and roll. Bunny is hysterical- she is the littlest of the group but seems to have no fear. She loves to get out of the box and take a stoll around as the other boys cry at the slightest change in temperature...LOL! They all love to be held and Bunny loves to give kisses back on your nose. They are growing so fast and it is hard to believe they are already a month old. The fun is just really starting (and the real work too..LOL) I think they are all very very pretty puppies... but maybe I am biased. Their markings are nice and bright and they are so sweet- all of them.

Thank you for your interest in these puppies- but they have all found their forever homes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lala's Forest Friends 3 weeks old

WOW! All I can say as I really think they are getting cuter by the day! They are wobbling around and get VERY excited when their mamma comes in to see them. Then they sure do move FAST> other than that they are sleepyheads. All of Lala's puppys are reserved- thank you for your inquiries and your wonderful compliments. It is nice to know all the time and effort and pride we take does not go unnoticed- and thank you to the people who keep up with our blog and aren't even getting a puppy..LOL!
Here are some updated pics from this week- Love them all to pieces...

transportation chamber

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Delilah's Fly Boys 3 weeks old

WOW- time is going so fast! I can not believe these boys are already 3 weeks old. Firefly has shown his brother up by taking the first steps of wobbling- but that is bc I think Dragon is going to need more strength to get his belly off the ground. The both love to sleep and sleep and sleep- oh and did I mention eat? It was funny how when I started to take pictures of them Delilah immediately decided that she wanted to be a part of the fun. She sat sown and waited for me to take a picture- and then she licked them all up...I guess she wanted you all to know what a great momma she is!!! Happy First Mother's Day Delilah!
Reserved for Rolene and Henry

Reserved for Megan and John

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sassy starts Obedience

From the minute I let Sassy go in the park I knew she had something special. She would take off with passion and move so gracefully and with ease with pure vigor. I thought Dempsey was fast- but this little pip is passionate. We are starting obedience today and will transition into Rally in a few months. I am anxious to see if Sassy has what it takes to do Agility. I think it will be a lot of fun. Wish us luck. Sassy is now 6 month old.


Last year when we went to Florida Beth and Teaghan and Duhblain baby sat Dillon. He loved it there so much and she spoiled him so- he almost did not want to come home with me.
So when we decided to retire Dillon for breeding- it was only the most suitable choice for him to live with Beth. She has always loved him as much as her own and they all get along really very well- A nice pack if I do say so myself. She now has a cocker in every variety.
I am happy that she will care for him and spoil him with everything shes got. I do see Beth on a regular basis and know I will visit with Dillon all the time. Dillon's new name is Finnion- or "Fin" as Beth thinks DOOOLIN and DIIIIIILon are too close in pronunciation. LOL!
Please wish Beth luck with her new addition.

Ginger Update!

I was waiting for Rose to get off the bus when I turned the page to my Revival Animal catalog and saw our first born cocker Azalea now known as GINGER sprawled across the page. Ginger we are so proud you made it to print just like your mamma! You are beautiful!

Ginger's parents Colleen and John commissioned Debbie Haul to paint an oil painting of her from a portrait she had done. It was so nice we wanted to share....Great job!