Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Snow Hits the Garden

The dogs were so excited to go play in the snow. A picture of my HEART dog...first one to steal my heart.

Happy Holidays 2009

check back for updates- we will add them as they come in!
Furgi(Erica) sittin pretty with her best pals...

marlee(Iris) with her new BFF celebrate!

Abbey(Ginger) and Herbie (Herb) get ready to help santa with his sleigh!
Ginger (Azalea) sitting Sweet & Spice for Santa

Molly (Mumzy) waiting for Santa by her tree:)

Maggie (Petunia) waiting patiently for her photo to be shot...(LOL!)

Lila (Marjoram) with angelic eyes....

cookie (lilly) sittin' pretty!

Rocco (quince) striking a holiday pose!

betty boop (chamomile) sporting her new sweater!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meet our New Showgirl

We have added a new showgirl to our family. Scheily's Mystic Breeze is a dream come true. On November 22nd, 2009 Jim drove us all the way to to Ohio to see our new girl Violet in her first show. It was very exciting for all of us including Rose who learned how to gait a dog and helped Kathy brush them. We got to meet Violet for the first time and she was more beautiful then we could have ever expected. We also had the opportunity to meet Bev, her breeder and thank her for our pretty show girl. Violet went in the ring against her littermate sister and took Winners Bitch (WB) and Best of Winners (BOW) and Opposite Sex (OS) for a total of 2 points toward her championship which was a great accomplishment for her weekend out. GO VIOLET! We are proud of you. Her next show will be one of the biggest hosted by the ASC near Philly. To Read more about Violet- visit her webpage

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hounds on the Sound Dog Walk

Well it was a gorgeous day for a dog walk last week and Cristina, Rocco, TJ and I, Jim, Rose and Dillon had a blast. Everyone showed tons of support as we walked a raised money for the New Rochelle Humane Society and shelters in the area. Thank you to those who sponsored us.
Rocco and Dillon were loved by all...

Hidden Pictures-LALA

anxiously awaiting Lalas litter- but the x-ray was quite inconclusive due to obstructed views..LOL
Doc says 3 or 4 or many do you see?

Friday, September 18, 2009

The newest Model....Ginger

Colleen sent us some DARLING professional photos done by PetSmart a few weeks ago. Ginger (Azalea) was our first born cocker and is very special to us. Not only is she a gorgeous sable- but she looks like her mom and dad- and is the opitomy of what a Moondrop Gardens cocker spaniel represents. We know she is very loved and are grateful to Colleen and John for taking such good care of her. Thank you for sharing!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Dempsey and Rose cool off in our super sized pool.

Monday, August 24, 2009

CERF Eye Testing

In August we loaded up the car with all our breeding dogs and drove 2.5 hours to Long Island. Noelle La Croix, DVM examined all the dogs for hereditary eye diseases and any potential eye problems. All the dogs checked out clear and will receive their CERF certificate shortly. This is an annual exam and I wanted to let everyone know if you are in reasonable driving distance and need to have these tests done it would be worth your while to visit Veterinary Medical Center of Long Islannd. I highly recommend her and her staff. They were very friendly, efficient and informative. I also have to tell the fee they charge is even less than if you attended a CERF clinic. I had to call back because I thought I got the information incorrect. Other doctors are charging MUCH more for no apparent reason other than they just don't want to do it. These tests are important and have to be done every year so charging exorbitant amounts of money would only deter people from having them done which makes no sense. (?)

Duhblainn & Teagan Go on Vacation

Beth sent us some great pics of her dogs Dubhlain (Jasper) and Teagan (Kaley) swimming in the lake and at the cottage they stayed at in Maine. Looks like fun!!! Dubhlain loved swimming while Teagan liked only getting her feet wet. Can I come next year?
Beth was bombarded by people telling her she had the cutest cockers they had ever seen (of course) and even got an e-mail from one of the people she mets in regards to getting a new puppy one day! Keep up the cuteness!
Thank you Beth for the PURE maple syrup you brought us back. It is YUMMMMY!

Hot Dog Fest 2009

Moondrop Gardens celebrated their first Annual Hot Dog Fest this past weekend and WOW- it was so much fun. Even though the weather did not want to cooperate- all the dogs who had not seen each other in a while were on best behavior and had a blast. It was nice having many of the families meet each other since we chat on the google group and facebook- but never have met in person. I have a special relationship with all my puppy families so it was really nice to share this time with each other. They all have one very important thing in their life in common- their Moondrop Gardens Cocker Spaniel. It was nice to share stories, watch the puppies play together and see how they have grown from little puppies to big gorgeous cocker spaniels.
I am going to post some pictures here- but wait for everyone else's pictures and put together a slideshow.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming and bringing all that they did.

Thank you Colleen, John and Ginger (Azalea) for making the doggie cupcakes and taking care of the cake for the adults.
Thanks Ann, Guy, Sophia (Fern) and Abbey for for making the delicious coleslaw, potato salad and cucumber salad. YUMMY!
Thank you Marlee (Iris) and Family for bringing the Macaroni Salad. Sorry you could not plant your beautiful Aster plant yourself- but we did it for you in Moondrop Gardens and stay tuned for a pic...
Thank you Beth, Barbara, Dubhlainn (Jasper) and Kaley (Teagan) for bringing the wings and the Philly Pretzels. Barbara- thank you soooo much for taking care of the dishes (next time I would prefer you to weed..LOL) and Beth for drying of course. That was a big help. Thanks for stopping to pick up paper towels in our EMERGENCY!!!

Thank you Theresa, Jamie, Caitlin, Danielle, Chris, Brian and Bella (Buttercup) for bringing the soda. You brought so much- we will have some for next year..LOL! Bella was a joy and we are so proud of her achievements.

We could not wait to taste the O'Brien's Tatertot Casserole and it was well worth the wait. Thank you Amy, Bill, Mikala, Collin and Betty Boop (Chamomile) for bringing it. Thanks Betty for the coolest kissing cocker salt and pepper shakers. I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH! They look just like your mom and dad and i will cherish them forever.
Some families brought perennials to plant in Moondrop Gardens to represent their puppy. Because of the weather we could not have them plant them themselves- so we did it for them the next day.

Thank you Sophia for your butterfly bush.
Thank you Teagan for your butterfly bush.
Thank You Duhblainn for your butterfly bush....everyone knows how I love butterflys.
Thank You Marlee for you pretty Aster. I had fun painting the markers and hope you think they look just like your puppy.

Cristina and Rocco we really missed you! Sorry Rocco was under the weather- but I am posting his updated pictures here.

The Hot Dog Fest was such a great success I am already thinking of ideas for next years party.
If you have any ideas- let me know. I know there were allot of families that would love to be there- but could not. SAVE THE DATE: Last weekend in July 2010 for the 2nd Annual Hot Dog Fest. Stay tuned for exact details.

Like mother like daughter

Furgi (Erica) with her doggie peanut butter carrot cupcake.

cocker kid craft