Friday, January 29, 2010

Puppies 3 Weeks old

Well the puppies are 3 weeks old and acting more an more just like little dogs. Playing and barking, whining and biting toys. They still rely on mom for love and food of course- and get very excited when she takes a break away from them. They are really starting to develop some personality in in the next few days we will venture to the unknown (upstairs to the house) where peace and quite will be no more and they can familiarize themselves with household noise and activity. Here are some updated pictures: Its still hard to get a good picture of the red coming in on the Red and white parti girls- I have to see about different lighting- but for now....
PS- all puppies noses will be all black- some take longer for pigment to come in.

Snowdrop's left ear is red and right ear is white...and she has patches of red on both eyes.

both Valerian's ears are white and she has patches of red on both eyes..

both Xanthium's ears are red and she has a patch only on her left eye

Here is the video from this week. They just woke up from a nap- so they were slow to start their antics-- but do so well by just being CUTE!!!! Watch it here:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Moondrop Gardens 2010

We would love to wish all of you a very happy holidays. Here are some Christmas photos we received from our MDG family.

Daphne resting on her new bed she got for christmas~!
Here she is again waiting for Santa...

Sable waiting eagerly for Santa...

Rocco & family in Christmas Portrait...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Puppies 2 Weeks Old

Puppies are two weeks old an getting much bigger and are sooo adorable. They are starting to wobble around and take some big steps- it won't be before long that they are running around causing chaos! Some puppies are spoken for and we could no be happier with their new owners.

I took the puppies out of their whelping box for change of scenery and a little excitement. They did not know what to do woth themselves and Daphne seemed ticked off that I caused a ruccus- but it was worth it. Enjoy!
Here is the link to the Video:

Here are some updated pictures:

sleepytime for the puppies

Snowdrop (Red & White Parti Girl) is AVAILABLE.

Tulip is reserved for Lucky and Morgan (and Linda and Family too~!)

Sable Ulex is reserved for Kelly, Anthony and ToniAnn.

Red and White parti Girl Valerian is AVAILABLE.

Woody is reserved for Chris and Megan.

Xanthium (Red & White Parti Girl) is AVAILABLE.

Black & Tan Girl Yasmin is going to live with her HALF SISTER Sophia (Fern)

Sable Parti Zinnia is reserved for Cate and Troy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Puppies 1 Week Old

They puppies are gaining weight at just the right speed and are already over 1 pound. Daphne is doing wonderful and gets her morning exercise when I go out to get the eggs for the day- she comes with me and chases the chickens around the coupe. Then when I reach the door to the house to come in - she is already to come inside (she doesn;t want anyone to be near her puppies when she is not there..LOL).

Here are some updates pics of the puppies. Some are already opening their eyes and getting ready to wobble around. I spend time now daily playing with then and petting them and Rose is allowed to play with them now that they are not SO delicate. They even have gotten their nails trimmed already. Our red and white parti girls and getting their spots and will all look very different and totally adorable.

Next week we will start taking deposits on our puppies and we already have some people on the waiting list

Snowdrop will have a a large patch of red over her right eye and some spots on her back. Her nose will be black and her eyes are open.

Valerian will have a large patch of red over her left eye and a small on her right- plus spots on her back and tail.

Xanthia will have a patch over her left eye and NO patch on her right eye plus spots on her back.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Violet takes 2nd place at ASC Nationals

We are very proud of our Violet aka Schiely's Mystic Breeze who took 2nd place in the 12-18 month parti bitches class at ASC Flushing Spaniel Show. This is their national winter show. I was unable to attend bc I had puppies to babysit- but Jim was happy to fill in. He learned alot while he was there and got introduced to some very nice people who have had major infuences on our breed. I would like to thank Kathy Korab our handler for continuously helping us learn and for doing such a nice job with Violet in her training, grooming, care taking and socialization. She received a beautiful red rosette ribbon that we will cherish forever.
Here is the link to her video:

22 year old cocker spaniel

This is inspiring..we should find out what kind of food he is eats..LOL

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Puppies in the Garden

Daphne has blessed us with a beautiful litter of 8 gorgeous colorful puppies. She was wonderful enough to start laboring at 10 AM and took her sweet time like always until 10 PM. Wonderful meaning she waited til the morning...
It was nice of God to give us just enough puppies to fill up the rest of the alphabet for temporary names. But honestly it was a chore to come up with names for X and U.

These pictures were taken 4 days old
Snowdrop is very open marked red and white parti. Anxious to see where her red will show up.

Tulip is a gorgeous colored buff with an adorable blaze up her stop to her forehead and she has white tipped fit and a white chest. So cute!

Ulex is a nice sable parti boy. His coloring is so gorgeous I can not wait to show in pictures how nice it really is. The lighter tan is glistening through already and he will have prominent tan points too!

Valerian is a cute little Red and White parti girl who will be open marked too. I am pretty sure she will have a half face- but time will tell.

Woody is an adorable buff boy with white markings on his face and chest. He will be very unique to say the least. These buff puppies coloring is IDENTICAL to their moms. Buff in the darker side - almost red... It's really nice in person.

Xanthium is the only name I could come up with for X- but she is a cutie. She is the most heavily marked of our red/white girls and has allot of spots that are darker already. One ear is very dark and she has a kiss spot on her head.

Yasmin is our pretty black and tan girl. She has a nice white chest, chin and and cute little socks on her hind feet. Her tan is very vibrant already.

Zinnia was our surprise girl. Just when I thought Daphne had delivered her last - Zinnia was a gorgeous surprise. A lovely sable and white parti girl with tons of sable color on her back.

These are the puppies after they can home from getting their tails docked. They did very well and everyone healed quickly.