Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Violet Comes Home

We are really excited that our Violet, also known as Ch. Schiely's Mystic Breeze is home. We picked her up in Albion, NY at the dog show. It was a fun weekend. I got to meet alot of really great breeders and see their puppies. Violet has settled in and is a joy to have in the house. I cut her show coat off and she has left that world behind. She has bonded with me and really likes Rose. She loves to play, gets along with everyone and I do not think she has a mean bone in her body. She is just tooo sweet- and a really wonderful pet. And now that her show career is over I am looking forward to her being just that. A lovely pet. She will not eat anything she is not suppose to - except likes to carry around Acorns from outside. She can run really really fast. She is really a very pretty girl . I am very proud of her. I would like to take this time to thank our handler, Kathy Korab for taking such wonderful care of her. She came back in such pristine condition - it was really a joy. We look forward to all great things from Violet including some super lovable, fancy show puppies. Welcome home Violet! You can see more of Violet on her page:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hot Dog Fest 2010

I am please to announce that this years 2nd Annual Hot dog fest was a great success. It was originally planned for July - but with temperatures reaching in the 100's it was postponed for a few months. And I am sure glad we did; the weather was absolutely perfect and the dogs got to run in the park. We recently widened the park some more- so the dirt was very fresh- but the dogs certainly did not mind- it called to them to DIG!
This year we added some fun with a relay race.
Teams were divided into Team Demspey and Team Dillon. The object was to pass a pooper scooper with a fake hot dog in it to your team members while racing (or for most walking briskly) with your dog on leash. There was no winner because of a miscount- but everyone sure had fun. Everyone brought something yummy to share and it was certainly a really fun day. There were shirts with the Original Hot Dog Fest Logo on them, an optional doggie grab bag, we had some lovely additions of perennials to add to the garden thanks to Lila, Lacey and Bailey
We even had a champagne toast for Cate and Troy (Sable aka Zinnia's parents) because they recently got engaged. We celebrated Daphne's birthday because it was her birthday the next day. In total there were 20 dogs and about 40 people. Thank you to everyone for all that they brought and for taking such wonderful care of their dogs and socializing them so an event like this can take place. Thanks for all that shared pictures too!! See you next year!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Puppy Updates

Occassionaly we get some updates pics from our puppies. Here are some I have been meaning to post:
Duffy sitting fluffy.

Rory, Magan and Abe at Central Park, NYC.

Angel studying hard after a great dinner....

Teaghan and Duhblain enjoying the lake their summer home in Maine:)