Saturday, April 30, 2011

Violet & Vincent 1 month old

Oh My Goodness- the puppies are getting so big and cuddly. They wrestle with each other, are eating mish mash food, play with their toys- are wiggly for haircuts, tell me how they feel with growls and barks. They are just very active now. Violet is looking to escape any way she can and them comes looking for them a few hours later. I think they are certainly overwhelming to her now that they have BIG SHARP TEETH....LOL But for a first time mom- she was good. She does love to play with them- but you can see she gets nervous when they are really hungry...LOL! They are like little scavengers. I am very happy with every one of them and it will make my job very difficult to pick one to keep in a few weeks. I am anxious for the weather to get a little warmer so they can go outside and play.
You can watch their video here.

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