Friday, July 23, 2010

Where is LILY???????

Lily is co-pilot and accompanies her dad Marty on his jounreys all across America for deliveries. Recently we decided to follow Lily and keep you updated on her travels riding shotgun. . She is having a blast traveling around the country. She have been in Ny,Pa,Oh,In,Il,Wi,Ia,Mo,Ar,Tn,Ga,Sc,Nc,Wv,Va,Mn,Mi, and Al. Not bad for her first two weeks on the road. Below you will find an assortment of pics Marty sent to us. Enjoy! Where will Lilly be next? This is called extreme socialization:) we love it. And so does LILY! Marty says she loves everyone she meets except for Bugs.....LOL!

Lake Michigan

Lilly sees snow for the first time.

Rattlesnake Mountain near North Washington

Lily and The Arch

Lily's first TeePee

Have to sleep sometimes?

Lilly and the Log Cabin

Lilly's first encounter with a Dino- she obviously scared him away!

Lilly and the 19th Century Montana Prison

Lily crossing the Mississippi

Bear Mountain, Montana

Lily at an Amish Farm in Topeka, Indiana

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